Big Willies Action Sports

SUP Fitness Downtown Nashville

Sat., Mon., Tue., Wed.
2 hours

Our SUP Yoga & Fitness classes meet at 2 Victory Ave. in front of the Bridge Building Event Space. We are a MOBILE business so look for our shuttles and trailers in parking Lot R of Titan's Stadium. Groups will take a quick shuttle ride to Shelby Bottoms Park Boat Launch. On the ride class instructors will give a safety briefing and short introduction to paddling the Cumberland river. The route we take on the Cumberland is ~ 3 miles long and usually takes ~ 2 hours to paddle depending on the current and weather conditions. Plan for 75 minutes on the water for training and 30 minutes for loading, shuttling and cool down. COVID-19: All of our equipment is sanitized after each trip. Guests are asked to wear a mask during the shuttle ride and near other guests not in their group.

Other considerations

Please remember to sign your online waivers. Strong headwinds and current can increase the difficulty and duration of your trip. This is an open commercial water way with operating boats and barges. The sun and heat can be intense in the summer months.

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