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Summer Camp

Many parents know the importance of summer camps for their kids. I see many kids come here in Nashville to join a summer camp. We are a tour company in Nashville, offer Paddleboarding and a kids summer camp.

We have seen many kids joining these camps every year and had a great experience. There is no doubt that kids learn a lot from this experience. Parents are witness to the growth and development of their child. But still, some parents do not understand what else these camps have to offer.

I heard that most of the people take this decision very carefully because they think of whether they have time in their busy schedule to fit camp. It explains that many parents do not know the importance of these camps. As a parent, you need to know that camp is a different experience from school as it allows the kids to have fun, learn, play, interact, etc.


Why Summer Camp Is Important

It is really important as it offers a lot of structured opportunities for kids to grow. Because your kids are going there for extracurriculars, each environment of the camp will contribute to the growth of your kid. Moreover, these camps make your kids self-confident and independent.

They Help Build Unique Interests

Have you seen any school that offers game design classes, entrepreneurship, or archery? Well, there are none, but you can easily find several camps that specialize in these activities. That is one of the reasons that we decided to start Paddleboarding and Nashville summer camp this year.

If your child has an interest in another sport or subject, that is the core subject in school. Then the summer camp is the best option to gain some experience. I know there are some options after school but how a student can do this when he already has a lot of homework to do. That is why; joining a camp is the best option that allows your kid to have some experience with its new interest.

Camp Gives Your Kid A Chance to Learn New Skills

Maybe your kid’s school offers a lot of activities to do but a summer camp can offer more than that. Just think about this that your child will get a full week to learn coding or any other specific skill. You can only find such opportunities in a camp. Moreover, the kids will get a chance to get out of their comfort zone to takes some risks with their skills. They will have no fear of failure at all. Moreover, your kids will get a chance to enjoy Paddleboarding and Nashville kayak tours.

Make New Friends

Well, a summer camp is not about taking an interest in a subject or sport whole week. There are many other opportunities that it can offer such as making new friends. At camps, you get a chance to find like-minded people, and it is really easy to build a friendship with a person who has the same interests. There is a chance that you kid will find an internship or will find a new business partner for the future.


  1. My husband and I have been thinking about enrolling our children in a summer camp next year, and we are looking for advice. I like that you recommend taking my children to a summer camps because that will help to build unique interests, make new friends, and also develop new skills. I will make sure that we look for the right summer camp for my children to go next year.

  2. My husband and I have just moved our family to a new state and we’re looking for ways to help our kids to get experiences and make friends. They’ve always talked about going to summer camps and wanting to meet new people there. I liked how you mentioned that you can meet like-minded people and that it can be easier to make friendships with people who share similar interests.

  3. Recently, a few kids in my neighborhood have asked me if there’s any interesting camp they could join this summer. That conversation instantly reminds me of this article where you explained about how summer camps are great in enriching their connection and networking with people from different backgrounds which may be advantageous for their future endeavors. I’ll share this detail with them so they can find the perfect place to spend their holiday later.

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