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Summer In Nashville

It’s hot in Music City, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay at home ALL day in front of the AC (Just part of the day).

17 Things To Do – Via Nashville Moms Blog


Photo Credit: Post Office Hours

When you’re a parent you really need to step up your activity levels as kids are home from school. That’s why it’s good to turn to the moms over at Nashville Mom’s Blog for some summer activity activites like this:

Drive-In Theatres – I have very fond memories of sitting on the back tailgate and watching movies late into the night! Most charge by the person rather than car load (as it was when I was a child). A few popular ones are Visiting the Frist Museum (pictured above) Hi-Way 50 Drive-In (Lewisburg), Higgins Moonlite Drive-In (Woodbury), andStardust Drive-In Theatre (Watertown). Most of these offer double features and have very reasonable prices and concessions.

A Few Of Our Favorite Summer Things – Via Music City Moms

The writers over at Music City Moms also have some ideas on how to beat the heat and get out of the house at the same time.

We go and find some water to cool off in for a little while. This could be a pool or it could be something else. We love the Splash Pad in Burns Park located in Kingston Springs. It is a short drive to a fun little splash park. There is also a playground, bathrooms, and picnic pavilions. Lots of fun in a beautiful setting and my kids love going over and over again. I enjoy sitting under the sun shield and watching them squeal as they run through the water. You could also venture to Cumberland Park [Our tours start just on the other side of the Cumberland at Riverfront Park] or the fountains at the Farmers Market for some splashing good time!

Well, that’s a lot of ideas on how to enjoy the summer and stay cool. Thanks, Moms!



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