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About The Tour

Paddle boarding In Downtown Nashville

Our Downtown Nashville Tour consists of a 2-3 hour paddle down the Cumberland River that starts and ends at Riverfront park on Broadway smack dab in the middle of Downtown Nashville. Look out for our signature tour van (AKA the Willie Wagon) and it’s trailer full of paddle boards & gear.

Look out for the van & paddleboard trailer

To start your tour look out for the van & paddleboard trailer

Once you meet for your tour at the park our shuttle takes groups 3 miles upriver, where they launch out of Shelby Park.

We provide all the gear and a quick introduction session for new paddleboarders. The gentle current of the Cumberland River directs paddlers back downtown, where paddlers enjoy some of the most unique sights and sounds of Music City USA.

When the tour is over, paddlers exit the water at Riverfront Park at Broadway & First where the tour started.

Questions & Answers About Our SUP & Kayak Tour

Q: What’s included with the Paddle board Tour?

A: The tour includes everything you’ll need for a downriver adventure. We supply the paddle board rental, paddles, life jackets, instructions, and manpower to lug the equipment in/out of the water.

Q: This is my first time Paddle boarding. Do I need experience before going on the tour?

A: No. Each group is given a Safety & Skills demonstration before heading down the river, which includes the basics skills needed to operate a Paddle board safely and effectively. Our guides provide additional instruction during the tour to make sure everyone feels comfortable and has fun.

Q: Do You Have Kayaks?

A: Starting this season we DO have a limited number of kayaks available for each tour, please be sure to give us a call ahead of time to request one.

Q: When Do tours start?

A: That is partially up to you during the week but we typically take groups out on weekends at 10am, 1pm & 6pm.

Q: Where should we park?

A: Finding free parking in downtown Nashville can be difficult. There are multiple “pay lots” on the streets surrounding Riverfront Park, if you don’t mind paying for parking.

For free parking, we recommend that visitors park at Cumberland Park, which is on the south side of LP Field, across the river from our meeting spot in Riverfront Park. There is a pedestrian walking-bridge that leads directly from Cumberland Park over to the downtown area. See Map Below.

Free parking at Cumberland Park

Free parking at Cumberland Park. Just walk across the pedestrian bridge and meet us at Riverfront park.

Q: Where should we meet for tours?

A: Tours meet at Riverfront Park, in downtown Nashville. Upon arriving at Riverfront Park, make your way down towards the edge of the river, and you’ll run right into us. Look for our 15-Passenger van, with a trailer full of Paddleboards behind it.
Big Willies Paddleboarding Tours

Q: What should I wear on our Paddleboard tour?

A: You should dress as if you are going to the beach. Bathing suits are recommended, along with a good pair of sandals or water-shoes that can get wet. We recommend that riders wear their shoes while getting on/off the boards.

Q: What should I bring along?

A: We recommend bringing sunglasses, a hat, and sunblock. Try to minimize the number and size of belongings you bring with you, as storage options are limited.

Be sure to check our list of recommended tour products you can order ahead of time to keep you and your belongings safe and dry.

Q: Is there somewhere to store my belongings while on the tour?

A: Yes, there are two options for storing your belongings. We have dry-bags available that you can bring with you on the tour. Belongings can also be stored in our shuttle bus. The bus is attended or locked at all times, for security.

Q: Will my camera/phone get wet?

We encourage you to leave behind your camera, as our guides will bring one in a waterproof bag, take photos at several points during the tour and we post them in the following days on Facebook. Please let our guides know if you don’t want your pictures posted.

Q: How long is the tour?

A: The tour typically lasts 2-3 hours depending on current and the number of people in the tour.

Q: What happens in the event of bad weather?

Paddle boarding in the rain
A: Someone once said “if you don’t like the weather in Nashville just wait 10 minutes”. The honest truth is that occasionally, we may get a little rain while we’re out on the water. However, in the event of serious weather conditions that prevent us from operating safely, reservations can be rescheduled or refunded. Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Is there an age-limit for the Tour?

A: The minimum age for Tours is 15. Riders under the age of 18 will need to need their parent/guardian present.

*At the beginning of every tour we just need you to sign a simple liability waiver for the day.